Unlock the hidden fees in your portfolios and drive better returns for your Customers

We help Financials Advisers and Asset Managers in optimizing the portfolio's fee-structure, in order to achieve greater outcomes for their end Clients.

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Optimize Fees.

Researches have shown that the expense ratio is the most proven predictor of future fund returns.
We find cost inefficiences and show you how they compound over time, impacting the portfolio's performance.

Get insights in a few clicks.

Optipholio provides the technology for a more efficient veichles selection, in accordance with Authorities' orientation. For each fund, we show you better alternatives: you can choose between active and passive management, implement the changes and see how they will positively impact future returns.

Engage your Customers

We provide you and your partners with a web-based White Label solution, to showcase the results to your Prospects and Customers.
You are the main actor, we are just the tool in your hands, doing the magical behind the scenes.

Who is Optipholio for?

We created Optipholio with a specific segment of Financial Advisers in mind. You will benefit from Optipholio only if you work under certain paradigms.

The real value, for your Clients, is in your Advice.

According to several studies, more than 90 percent of the variability of a fund's performance over time is attributable to asset allocation. It's your advice that makes the difference. Optipholio helps you in identifying the best veichles, in term of cost-efficiency, to implement the choices you've taken with your Client.
With just one goal in mind: grow the portfolio over time.

"The costs of investing in key financial products, such as UCITS funds, remain high and diminish the investment outcome for final investors."ESMA - 14th of April, 2021

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